What are the pros and cons of plyometric training?


When training vertical jump, we cannot leave out the plyometric training method, which has been approved and is used by many coaches. Yet, this method has both pros and cons. Or to be more exact, plyometric training can be used correctly and wrongly! The main thing is to use correct strain and proper technique when performing the exercises. If you wish to run faster or jump higher, you should pay attention to these two points. Now we will look at the main pros when doing plyometrics and also what you should not do under any circumstances.

  1. High intensity and improvement of intramuscular coordination creates great increase of strength, but muscular mass and body weight remains same.

  2. Along with other methods, it has a very good effect on speed strength, explosive strength and speed. Therefore it is an irreplaceable part of developing vertical jump.

  3. Also helps to additionally increase strength in speed strength fields. This is why plyometrics has an important part in sports games. Yet it is suitable for many other sports!

  4. Depending on the applied strain, plyometric training can be used with different physical form and age.

  5. It stabilises muscles and helps to prevent injuries! Also, in the case of correct usage, it has a good impact on breathing muscles and running technique.

plyometric exercises                                      Image Credit: www.performbetter.com

NB! Certainly, a warp-up and complex of stretches should be performed beforehand! Also plyometric training with high intensity is not suitable for children and the young. In the case of correct strain, correct methodology should be carefully observed. In the case of depth jumps, overstraining is harmful!

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