The highest vertical leap in NBA and in the world


We know that most NBA players can dunk the ball without problems but the question is who has the highest vertical leap in NBA History. We remember great leapers in history like Michael Jordan, Dominik Wilkins, Julius Erwing etc. When we talking about active players then we mention always LeBron James, Gerald Green, Nate Robinson, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin. Not so long ago was Vince Crater on of the elite jumpers in the league.

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Actually there is a difference when we talking about vertical jump or dunking. Maybe you have a very outstanding vertical jump but you are not so effective dunker. Dunking the ball is not just good vertical leap. It`s about style, show and your uniqueness. Michael Jordan was one of the greatest dunkers in the history of NBA however I don`t believe that he has the highest vertical jump.

This post is about who has the highest vertical in NBA history so to make it clear we don`t talk here about dunking. Just pure physical ability! So here are the list of players.


Here are the TOP 10 Best NBA vertical jumps

1. Jameel Pugh 6`5“ 50″

2. Gerald Green 6`6“ 48″

3. Scottie Pippen 6`8“ 48″

4. Darrell Griffith 6`4“ 48″

5. Michael Jordan 6`6“ 48″

6. Wilt Chamberlain 7`1“ 48″

7. Jamario Moon 6`8“ 47″

8. Melvin Levett 6`3“ 45″

9. Kenny Gregory 6`6“ 45,5″

10. Harold Miner 6`5“ 44″

I found these results from that site You can also find there many other athletes who has amazing vertical jump.


Here are the TOP 10 of best vertical jumps outside NBA

1. Kadour Ziani 5`10“ 56″

2. Reggie Thomson 5`7“ 56″

3. Michael “Wild Thing” Wilson 6`4“ 55″

4. Terry “T-Dub” Cournoyea 5`9“ 55″

5. Earl “The Goat” Manigault 6`1“ 52″

6. Randy Moss 6`4“ 51″

7. Leonel Marshall 6`2“ 50″

8. Robert Martin 6`8“ 50″

9. Alan Barch Jr. 5`9“ 50″

10. Ronnie Fields 6`3“ 48″

Usually NBA don`t release pre-draft athletic test results officially but you can find some information online. For example I found site called You`ll find there vertical jump and other test results since year 2000.

Here are the pre-draft max vertical jump test results since 2000 (best of the year)


43” Matt Santangelo 2000

45,5” Kenny Gregory 2001

40,5” Matt Barnes 2002

41,5” Ronald Dupree 2003

43,5” Nate Robinson & Tim Bowers 2004

40,5” Will Bynum 2005

42” Jordan Farmar 2006

41” Al Thorton & Bobby Brown 2007

42” Patrick Ewing 2008

40” Jonny Flynn 2009

40” Terrico White 2010

42” Iman Shumpert 2011

41,5” Darius Johnson-Odom 2012

Also you can find there a lot of other athletic test results like Court sprint, Bench press, Standing vertical jump, Lane agility drill.
When we watch these vertical jump test results then we can realize that good vertical jump alone don`t make you a great player. Basketball or any other sport game requires many other physical and mental abilities. However great vertical leap gives you really good advantage against your opponents when you know how to use it smart. We can`t find the biggest NBA stars on these vertical jump test results. is another website to visit if you need pre-draft test results.


How to understand vertical jump test?

When we looking NBA athletic test results we can see that there is two different vertical jump results, no step vertical jump and max vertical jump. No step vertical means standing vertical, it`s the same thing. No running no extra step just jump up. Max vertical is your maximum vertical leap, no matter how you do it.

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